5 Lagos Tech Bros Discuss Internet and ISP Struggles

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Internet services in Nigeria just like most things used to be mostly a reflection of your status. If you have a 9-5, you are most likely use the internet at the office to watch Netflix and then managing yourself after 5 pm. Unfortunately, for most people, Covid 19 and the rapid acceptance of remote work has really increased our internet usage. For people who work in the technology industry in Nigeria, let’s call them “Tech Bros” for the purpose of this article, they are unable to work without good internet. We have interviewed a couple of Tech Bros who shared how important the internet is to them and their struggles with using the internet in Nigeria.


Uzii; Product Designer, lives in Osapa, Lekki.

In a month if I really had to gauge, I would say I use about 250 Gb on the internet. This cost is shared across my MTN Hynet broadband and my Airtel mobile data. My MTN Hynet plan is 210 Gb for N30,000 but I only use it at home so I also do the Airtel Binge data plan of N1,500 for 6 Gb a week. I started living with a friend recently so I plan on upgrading my MTN plan to the 500 Gb for N60,000 plan.

If I had to rate MTN here in Osapa, I would rate them 8/10, they are pretty reliable.  I would never try switching to another network and that is mostly because I have tried Glo and NTEL, both useless. I have heard a lot of positive reviews about Fibre Optics so I may consider switching to that in the future.


Lanre; Content and PR Manager, lives in Gbagada.

I use Fibre One and it has been a good enough experience so far. It has been way better than back when I was using Spectranet. My Fibre One plan costs me N20,000 for unlimited data in a month and I would generally rate it 7/10 here in Gbagada. If I was given the option to switch to any other ISP here in Lagos, I would remain with Fibre One.


Seyi; Software Engineer, lives in Yaba

My main internet provider is Smile but because of the battery dying and all of that, I also use Glo on my phone. In total, I spend about 50k on internet subscription monthly and now that I say it out loud, it’s actually so much money.

For my Smile I do the 24,000 plan. It’s unlimited but there is a data cap of 10 GB daily. I never exceed it so it’s fine. On my phone, I use Glo and I spend about 5,000 weekly on my data subscription.

If I had to rate Smile here in Yaba, I would rate them 2/10. Very unreliable. I am considering making a switch to MTN Hynet because I’ve heard it’s pretty good around here.


Ebuwa; Software Quality Assurance Tester, Yaba

I live with my friend Damola who is a designer so We are both Tech Bros. We live together so we share the cost of an internet subscription. I spend about N8,000 to N10,000 on internet subscription monthly. Damola and I share 30 GB which costs N8,000 on SMILE and when it runs out, I fall back on my MTN.

I would rate SMILE 7/10 on a good day. I have heard a lot of good things about Tizeti’s network but I would never try them out because of their workplace harassment issue.


Chiugo; Implementation Engineer, Shomolu

I spend about 10,000 monthly on data for about 50 GB with MTN. I use the double data plan and it’s not that great here in Shomolu. I would rate MTN like a 4 or 5/10. I have tried using Airtel, Spectranet and Swift but they are all unreliable in Shomolu and because I use 70-80% of my internet for work-related stuff, it’s important I get reliable internet. I honestly would not bother switching to any other LTE internet service provider but I am considering one of the Fiber providers. It is relatively more expensive to install and pay for monthly but it’s way faster and allows multiple connections seamlessly. The only disadvantage is that I can only use it at home, it’s not mobile so that is a bit uncomfortable.


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