Who We Are?

Options.ng is Nigeria’s free, independent online comparison platform for products across industries and providers. Our objective is to make information available to our users in a simple, transparent format that will help them make informed decisions.

We appreciate the challenges a consumer faces in shopping around for products across many providers and comparing these products across a whole industry. Clearly, such an exercise can be time-consuming, taking hours and involving so many complexities. Our comparison website will assist such a consumer compare products much more quickly and easily without much pain.

What Do You Get ?

Potential for optimizing your money is real as the benefits attributable to a product, alongside its pricing, are made available to you. In the process, you can reason out which product offers the maximum return on your money and tap immediately into any money-saving deal on offer. The ability to save money is therefore real.

You have relevant and significant information, in a transparent manner, at your disposal to guide your decision and in the process you are protected from making impromptu buy decision which you could have made due to the absence of quality information.

With so many banks with similar products to compare and choose from, we appreciate it can be quite challenging hopping across banks branches and their websites to find the product with the right features and benefits, and making the right buy decision. Our comparison engine does the hard work for you by pooling information on products to a single platform making it easy for you to compare them. At a glance, you have an immediate view of the comparative features of similar products across banks. Much more importantly, you also, at a glance, have an immediate view of the comparative benefits of these products.

What would have taken you days to do, can be completed in a few minutes within the comfort of your seathome or office. You do not have to go through any laborious or rigorous time-consuming process to find what you want.

Why You Should Use Our Services

Statement of guiding principle

Free access

We are a free-to-use and data-driven comparison site. You will not be charged for using our services neither are we remunerated nor funded by any of the providers.


All comparisons are carried out independently and without any bias. We are independent of product providers; we do not directly sell any of the products or services listed, neither do we endorse nor encourage the use of any specific product provider.

We Are Impartial

All information on our platform is data-driven. We are unbiased in our services and we strive to ensure our data yields robust results. Product features are listed consistently and comprehensively across the various providers.