How to Survive January on your December Salary

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If you are living in Nigeria, it’s hard to ignore that it’s that time of the year. The time when the calendar days in the month suddenly doubles. It’s the time of the year when Nigerians recover from all the house partying and staycation weekend that happened in December 2020.   

In December, Nigerians have one key goal, enjoyment!
Unfortunately, a lot of people forget that December is just 31 days while “January is a whopping 61 days”. So if you have you spent
all your savings plus your 13th month, let’s go over a few options that would help you survive 
the second half of “the longest month in the year”  
1.There is Rice at home:  
The excuse you will try to give yourself is that you spent so much time working in 2020, then 
there is also the coronavirus pandemic, there were the #EndSars protests and there was the 
lonely quarantine period, so you deserve to enjoy! 
Don’t give in,  with the current food inflation, food prices in Lagos restaurants cost an average of N7,000, when you add the long island you will order, the bill rounds up to about N10,000. If you drive, you will burn about N2,000 fuel, 
and if you use any of the ride-hailing services, you may be spending as much as N10,000. When you compare this option and the option of cooking sweet jollof rice at home, you can cut down your bill by over half. So, read this line aloud, there is rice at home. Not every time you go out for dinner, sometimes open your freezer and use the microwave.  
2.Pay for your Apple Music or UduX, Forget Concerts! 
Last year was all over the place but let’s not forget that we are in the middle of a global pandemic and recession. Even worse, the naira is about #450 to $1 right now. Putting all these 
into consideration, how necessary is it that you spend N100,000 at a club this weekend when you can 
listen to albums, record your videos and chill at home for way less. 
3.January savings is for January. 
Its just week 3 and wedding bells are already ringing there would be that one party or event you can’t miss. It may be that 
wedding you can’t attend without wearing the Aso-Ebi and it may even be that you need to buy 
a nice gift for your partner before you end up a single on February 14th.
Unfortunately for you, January is about 80 to 100 days, the nights are long and thanks to all the back-to-work activities and sessions you’ll be attending, the days will get even longer. Keep your 
January savings for January, this tip is non-negotiable.  
4.Everyone should carry his cross. 
We all know your company paid you extra in December, you’ve gotten your bonus and if you are a business owner, revenue is off the charts! January is not the time for   “More drinks for everyone, na me go run am!”. Remember to be financially wise this 
period, make smart decisions, split costs, share a cab, enjoyment can cost you a lot less.  
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